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Bubble Mailer Apartments - 9 Units for Rent

Hello all! Here's nine unique apartments made out of recycled shipping containers.
The idea came from my dad (who works on modular stuff and RV homes) and a recent trip to seaside towns where these types of low-income apartments are ridiculously trendy, while not breaking the bank.
They're called Bubble Mailer because that's what they used to ship. Allegedly. It could have been ground "cowplant leaves." ;)

Up top you'll find a playground on safe squishy rubberised composite, alongside some not-pictured OFB craftables (no sim has ever occupied your version of the lot, thank you HugeLunatic for unlocking the OFB things!)

There's also artist's areas, and the ground is painted with some beautiful mandalas to make your sims feel colourful. Small fire pits are available in the spring, summer, and fall for your sims to gather around.

A small BBQ area is set up on the second floor for parties and whatnot.

Inside, there is also a small play area for when it's too snowy/rainy to access upstairs.

Each unit has a theme related to its occupant. You can change this, of course. There are two family suites for up to eight sims. Every unit comes pre-furnished!
I recommend this hack so that your sims can use their mini fridges like a normal fridge: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=96010

Here are the descriptions of each apartment's intended family, but of course, you can mix it up!

1.) A family suite for four. Two parents obsessed with Bella Goth's disappearance, a child sim who has the Nature hobby, and a teen sim who enjoys science and sci-fi. They have a nice, quiet patio on the ground floor.

2.) A family suite for four. A couple - one interested in animals, the other, photography. The children are a young girl, and an LGBT teenager who has rainbows all over their room.

3.) A single sim who is very into literature, and has bookcases. This apartment is minimally decorated as the sim is mostly at the library.

4.) A sim couple who enjoys sewing and clothing, and has a sewing machine in their apartment along with decorative clothes.

5.) A single sim who enjoys toymaking and is very childish. They have OFB craftable toys in their apartment as well as a crafting station.

6.) A single athletic sim who is into sports and has a basketball hoop on his deck.

7.) A single musician who has a pet bird and a large pet dog, as well as a drum kit in their apartment.

8.) An artist couple who has easels and art cluttering up their apartment, as well as a small front porch.

9.) A couple who enjoys gardening and has the idea to start a small garden on their deck.

All required files are included, and the RAR is cleaned of any residual crap but not Compressorsized! Thank you to Michelle and HugeLunatic.

I recommend that you install CEP for the door recolours to show up properly as they're borked without it.
It requires all expansion packs, is zoned as a low-income Apartment, and was built with disc versions of the game (not Ultimate Collection) in case anyone cares about that.

Download here! Please use Clean Installer and back up your game before installation just in case!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs! Thank you to those who have already donated, you rock! 100% of your money has gone to covering my medication expenses.
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