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My Chemicals - 6 RetailSims Bleach Recolours (Advent Day Three)

nat this reference is for you

Now, this is what I call out of left field... six recolours of an ancient mesh by RetailSims! You get two bleaches, a bleach-based laundry detergent, a busted-up blank and dirty bottle that somehow is in every house I've ever been to and has a mysterious cleaner in it, some pool chemicals, and a BIG, old bottle of Corn Oil for cooking with, similar to one for canola oil that my mother has at work that seems to last forever.

(I seriously ignored my partner for half an hour while texturing that corn oil bottle. They laughed so hard when I told them what I was doing.)

thanks walmart

ultra tide of yo shit

The details are high-res but not enough to cause any concerns. It's just in 1024x1024 - many Maxis objects are in that resolution. So that's fine! Imgur sort of murdered my images but whatever.

Download here! Mesh included! It has upgraded textures to 1024 so anyone can recolour it with this resolution. You can use my version or theirs. I don't think the game cares. They're identical and just have two different texture sizes but the same GUID.

If you can, please donate to help me out if you can - any amount matters!
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