2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Summer Camp - 4 Basegame TF Shorts

And here is where I embark on a new project. It's all about basegame recolours for TF, taking old meshes and making them not suck! Or REALLY suck, depending on your tastes. But hey, variety is the spice of life, and some people don't season their food/life at all, so that's on them.

These shorts feature four fun patterns. These seem to be really common spring/summer wear for preteens and younger teens that trample up our singular, suffering shrub while coming home from the middle school down the road. That poor thing.

So please enjoy these! Each outfit comes with a different pair of shoes.

Download here!

While being freezing cold may be good for my PC, it is not good for me. I'd love if you donated to help me keep myself warm this winter.
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