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Uncool Rules - 16 Sweaters for TF

Everyone has their own style, and everyone loves that converted Sentate sweater... so here's 16 various recolours of it for your TF sims to wear! I've noticed that I'm lacking in content for TF sims who are more into anime, so a lot of that is for them. When I was a young teenager I had a little room that had tear-outs from Shojo Beat and stuff in it (hands up, who remembers that magazine?) where I would hide out when things got bad. I know how important anime and manga are to a lot of young people and thought, hey, why not make some stuff for the uncool kids? I'm not longer into that, though, so there's also just random ones. So, yeah. It's 1:20 am when I'm writing this, so I'll shut up now.

Download here! Mesh included.

While being freezing cold may be good for my PC, it is not good for me. I'd love if you donated to help me keep myself warm this winter.
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