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Spooky Sprites - 3 Halloween Costumes for CF & CM

Not to leave the kids out this Halloween, here are three costumes for your 2017 haunt! I hand-textured everything (including the ruffles) and hope that you love it!

Wonder Woman (Classic)

Inspired directly by a costume that I saw at Superstore, it's a fabulous old-school-style one-piece that is sure to make every girl feel powerful!

Chara (Undertale)

Chara was the first human to fall into the Underground at the start of Undertale - one who is not fond of humanity whatsoever. This costume is a two-piece with creepy 8-bit makeup, for CU!

Eleven (Stranger Things)

A show that I love, as well as everyone else - Eleven has touched all of our hearts and minds. This lost little girl is perfect for your CF sims to dress up as, with or without hair!

Download here! Meshes included.

While being freezing cold may be good for my PC, it is not good for me. I'd love if you donated to help me keep myself warm this winter.
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