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Monster Mash - Halloween Costumes for Teens

Halloween is my FAVOURITE holiday. Nothing gets me in a better mood, season-wise. So here's a bunch of costumes that I handmade for your teen sims to wear, as kids and adults seem to get most of the fare. I've made costumes before - but these are all different types, copied mostly from DIY and costume sites, that are topical or just plain fun. I would like to note that none of the included hairs are binned, as they are costume hairs, of course. :P I tried to make a good variety of costumes, ones that are more revealing, modest, scary, family-friendly, topical, classic, etc. for all sorts of sims, because every teenager likes different things and there's no way to please them all. And now, onto it!

You get twelve costumes in total!


Entirely handpainted except for the corset which was free use by ymagequibrille. A glittery witch outfit for TF sims!

Toriel (Undertale)

Also handpainted with assets from Google Images to help me along. You get facepaint and a scarf accessory included. The hair (Neena Tails by Nouk) is not included. For TF sims!

Unicorn Frapp

A cute DIY-style outfit for your coffee lover! I handpainted this apart from the logo. The hair is not included, get it here. For TF sims!

Red Crayon

An old classic! A simple H&M mesh made into a red crayon costume! I saw this on a costume site and HAD to make it. It requires H&M stuff and is for TF sims.


A more fun take on Supergirl's costume - as in, more sparkly! Comes with a cape accessory! I took inspiration from an outfit I saw on a costume site for this one. For TF sims.


I started work on this costume MONTHS AGO. It's truly been a labour of love. Rise up in this costume - because it's on a basegame mesh so everyone is able to use it! It's almost 100% accurate to the show costume and is for teens and adults of all genders! why yes every single pun was intended who do you think i am. i'm musical trash that's what i am


This was a funny DIY post I saw on Google Images, and thought that with some craft paper and time your teen male sims would be all in a spin to wear this! Heh, spin? Get it? Because sims spin when they... anyways, it's for TM sims and on a basegame mesh.


Everyone loves this art school classic! (Seriously. They showed it to us every year. I love it, but come on. That and Corpse Bride.) Your teen male sims get a costume wig, some face-paint that I promise looks less shitty from a distance, and of course, the striped suit!


No, not the Batman villain - but rather, a penguin in a suit! The ever-lovely lithiumvortex converted this for me LITERAL YEARS AGO so I decided to finally put this mesh to use! Your TM sims get face paint and, of course, the costume suit.

M&M's Pack

I saw this on a costume DIY forum and giggled! Here's a burst-open pack of M&M's for your TM sims to wear. It's based on Fansee's hospital gown mesh, if you can't tell. :P

Where's Waldo/Wally

Apparently he's called different things in different regions - probably because nobody can find him and ask! You get round paper glasses as an accessory, the toque and hair in the custom bin, and the sweater and pants as separate meshes. Thank you to misomoso-no for the shoes! Sorry for using your texture. D:

Scary Ghost

This one is copied off of a costume I saw IRL at a Superstore the other day. It's this gigantic grocery store that also does clothing and - it's pretty much a much bigger, better, and cheaper Walmart. That's all you need to know. This spooky scary skeleton ghost was based off of a piece of art I did for my love's birthday. Which was also of a spooky scary skeleton ghost. You get the face makeup and the costume.

Download it all here! All meshes included unless otherwise indicated!

I currently need thicker socks and other things to keep me warm as there's going to be a bad cold snap in my area very soon (snow within five days). I'd love if you donated to help me out.
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