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Hippie Dippie - 29 Hanging Tapestry Recolours

Ever needed to plaster something on your sims' walls or ceilings? I converted a mesh a little while back and I've been dying to recolour it ever since. I just got a HUGE wall flag from a friend and it inspired the heck outta me! So here's 29 recolours (as the original already comes with another) in various designs. Some are obviously meant to be sheets, because who hasn't got a sim that would use these as weird curtains?

Download here! Meshes included.

Do you like what I do? Then I'd love if you donated. Any amount helps!
Tags: s2cc, sims 2, sims 2 cc, sims 2 download, sims 2 downloads, ts2 cc, ts2 downloads, ts2cc

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