2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Much Moo - 2L and 4L Milk Jugs

Here is a very, very tweaked fiddledeedee conversion from Half-Life 2 into a proper milk jug! :) This is something that is very common in real life... but not so in the game. So, thus. I made one, in multiple versions for many different people to enjoy it! You get 2L (half-gallon) and 4L (gallon) jugs to stock your grocery stores with. The 2L handle is a bit wonky from certain angles but that was HL2, not me. I couldn't fix it. Fun fact: regular cow's milk does not bode well with me and my selfsim would not have a fun time drinking this. :P I also cannot drink soy milk. Almond for me, it is!

Find it in Appliances - Misc. The little one is repo'd to the big one to save space!

Download here!

Do you like what I do? Then I'd love if you donated. Any amount helps!
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