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19 April 2019 @ 03:27 pm

Easter is here, and I... completely forgot until two days ago! (Easter was never big on my radar, because it rarely involved stuff like chocolate or eggs. It was more reading the story and the pastor yelling about how the Easter Bunny was evil.)

In my haste, I tried to decorate a home for Easter ingame, and came up with maybe five CC sets that would have worked. In the end, I just gave up, and made these - some Aikea wall writing recolours on Yuxi's two-sided mesh! Thank you to shastakiss for finding the mesh for me!

You get a few different types of mix-and-match decor that should spice up any sim's hunt for chocolate and prizes. I tried to source from as many types of decor as I could because I know that not every simmer has the same tastes.

The Christian/"religious" recolours are clearly marked in the folder, so as to enable easy removal for anyone who doesn't want that in their game, or for those who just want those recolours and not the others. Easter is different around the world - so I wanted to make sure y'all had options.

Shabby Chic decor for your cute farmhouse or cottage! I pictured cute flower arrangements, bunting, and lots of flowy dresses.

Pastels always remind me of decorating cupcakes and mixing food colouring. There's a cupcake shop near me that is all done up in these colours. (We are not in an area where cupcake shops succeed, but I appreciate their efforts.)

Religious recolours for your church or those faithful sims. I tried two styles - more flowery, and more "suburban McMansion" styling.

Window stickers for your kiddos! Same mesh, but these are designed to go on glass - something little children love to do. The Happy Easter sign is meant to look like it was made with those Crayola window markers.

Spring is here, and that means camping! Decorate your cabin, lake house, or above-average abode with these cute decorations! I really enjoyed making this set as I love wood tones.

And finally, Cheap Tat, AKA, you got this from a dollar store/pound store/whatever currency is cheap store! Mass-produced items for a very low price to tack up and please absolutely nobody but your wallet! (If you're like me and enjoy cheap tat for its cheap tattiness, Ashens on YouTube does a lot of stuff related to that.)

Download here! Mesh included. 

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses. 
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I really love these bath mats by Birbber on Etsy - and while I can't have one for myself, I can make them for my sims. All in all, you get 12 recolours with various cute bird species! They are on the Thirsty Bath Mat from Nightlife and thus aren't BG-compatible, sorry! D: However, most people usually have this so it shouldn't be much of a problem!

I also recommend this mod to make the rugs not glitch out when placing them off-grid.

Here is every colour:

All I did was slap these recolours together. The artwork is 10000% Birbber's. Go buy something cute and support their work! :D

Download here! Requires Nightlife.
28 February 2019 @ 07:30 pm
This is an entry for GoS' January & February Theme, Unfinished Business & Be Your Own Boss!

I saw this beautiful mesh by DeeDee, and immediately wanted to recolour it! That is, with popular designs from the 1940s, specifically utilitarian dresses used by women on the job. Feeling feminine was something that women felt was in short supply, so they often crafted their own "utility" dresses, or ordered them out of utility-grade catalogues, in order to feel better about their appearance in an increasingly industrial workplace. Even top designers would abide by this, as spare fabric was in short supply.

The dress itself comes in six solids (violet, navy blue, maroon, pink, teal, and gold) as well as four patterns (damask, cherry lattice, green flowers, and beetles) all taken from real 1940s fabric sites.
I used one of Trapping's base textures on the heavy wool stockings, grey for all colours, as was common in the colder months. See more images HERE.

Download here or on GoS!
14 February 2019 @ 01:40 pm

Happy Valentine's Day! (How is yours going? I have a movie date with my partner.) For kids, it means passing around premade cards from cheap boxes, wearing heart-themed stuff, making little "mailboxes" on their desks... etc! So much CC is for older sims, but here's some for your kids who are just in it for the chocolate, cartoons, and maybe getting some cooties from a hug on the playground! :O

These four shirts use an included mesh by WeBluePeace and read:
Roses are grey. Violets are grey. [Drawing of a cute corgi.] I'm a dog.
[Drawing of a Venus fly trap.] Feed me and tell me I'm pretty!
I like you a waffle lot. [Smiling waffle drawing, with arms and legs, blushing.]
Llove You Llong Time [Drawing of a llama holding a pink heart.]

Download here! Mesh included.

And now... a collab! *horn toot noises* 

0201-sims converted this AMAZINGLY late 90s/early 2000s television set, but I was dismayed to learn that it was only decorative! All I had to do was remesh the screen twice and cry once, before finally realising something... the TV screen on that 70s floor model Maxis made is a dead ringer. I didn't have to adjust a THING. It fit perfectly in Milkshape and I was VERY pleased. 

After finally getting it working and posting a WIP, I messaged them - 0201-sims gladly agreed to help me enable the mesh to be recoloured, and viola - I got to make a Simlish recolour, for everyone who wants that, too!

The TV is placeable on any surface, works nicely with OMSPs, and doesn't float an inch off the top of the surface, like some custom TVs tend to. Every EP function is enabled as far as I know - but it should work just fine with the basegame. This doesn't replace their original TV, either, so you can have both deco and this version, if you should so desire! :D

here! :D

It would be great if you could donate to
my PayPal in order to help me pay the $264 for my non-insured psoriasis treatments,
 but I strongly suggest donating to your local animal rescue instead! Many often see a lapse in funding around this time of year as the holidays end. Just a few bucks can make a difference, and a recent experience with two different animal rescue societies made me want to stress how much funding these places need as they were unable to handle a case we brought to their attention, due to lack of funds.
19 January 2019 @ 09:00 am

As always, I've worked all year on and off to bring you a big bag of goodies for Founder's Day!

I didn't get everything I wanted to do done, because FRAPS ate half of my screenshots, but I hope this will suffice! :D

It should all be basegame compatible, so, without further ado...


Lick Your Lips - Sephora Cream Stain Liquid Lipsticks (All Genders/Ages) 1 2
Acid Washed - Amaryll Boyfriend Jeans (TF) (with thanks to io for morphs) 1
DeBaseballed - Trapping Baseball Tee Recoloured (TF-EF) 1   2
Island Life - Rapgirl Outfit Maxis Matched (AF) (no morphs sorry) 1

Build Mode

Interlocking - IKEA Porch Wood 1
Just Swatch Me - 175 Sunni Wall Recolours 1 2 3 4 5 6
Missed My Train - Grungy Subway Tile 1
Funky Neutrals - Tile Floors 1
Sea Shanty - Recycled Wood Panelling Walls 1 2 3
Ballroom Beats - Weathered Parquets 1
Subtle /s - Gold Chevron Marble Walls 1

Download everything here!

Credits: Sunni (RIP), Amaryll, io for all their help on the jeans, DigitalAngels for the lip base, AstareaNevermore and Trapping for the lip texture blend, and Rapgirl.
06 January 2019 @ 12:06 am

View my gift to Sims-Influence here!

View my Super Secret Santa to KayMilitia here!

Advent is wrapping up! Quite literally - I'm doing wrapping, or should be! As a small gift to end this - as I'm not able to make anything more at the moment, due to how busy I am - I've made something for our friends who celebrate Christmas on the opposite side of the coin. 

Here's Dead Rising 2's lawnmower! It costs around $500 in Deco - Misc (but don't quote me on the price) and is ripe to sit there as your spouse yells at you to please mow the bloody lawn.

Forgot to menton: this mesh is low-poly and will be okay on 99% of computers!

Download here!
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It's Christmas Eve Eve, and thus, time for something big! A posebox, in fact! Thank you to my friend Allie for helping me out with this!

These are a set of mother/baby or mother/toddler poses - something that we're sorely lacking! Some of the baby poses are a little messed up, as such... but I think they'll work just fine for storytelling purposes!

You need this set of OMSPs for this to work properly and to adjust the poses if they don't fit quite right for your sim's outfits.

Here are the poses:

Sitting Down and Breastfeeding

Laying Down and Breastfeeding

Sitting and Holding Baby

Sitting on Floor

Lay in Crib on Back

Cry in Crib

Download here!

Please consider donating to my PayPal this holiday season, so that I can afford to take care of my needs such as food, water, pain management items, and medication costs not covered by my government plan. Every bit of your money goes towards helping me and it makes my entire week to even receive a tiny amount.


Sorry about the late upload! I'm not feeling very well, and these cards had MAJOR issues I had to sort out with the texture sizing... D:

Happy Solstice and a Blessed Yule!

Here are some Yule and Winter Solstice cards for your sims to enjoy. They are decorative only and use cat3cm's meshes (which are included, with thanks)! Both of these holidays are quite ignored in the community, but I know enough people who would genuinely enjoy these. Each card has text inside and I'm giving permission if you want to edit it in SimPE to have your sim's names inside!

They can be found in Deco > Sculptures for $50.

  • Happy Winter Solstice
  • Hare and Stonehenge
  • Warm Wishes on Winter Solstice
  • The Moon in Her Phases and the Tides of the Sea, The Sun's Shortest Days Mark The Year Yet to Be
  • Good Yule
  • Yule Wreath
  • Yuletide Blessings (feat. black cat)
  • Yuletide (pun inside!)
  • Happy Winter Solstice
  • Yuletide Blessings
  • Warm Wishes on your Winter Solstice (with a blurb)

  • On the shortest day and the longest night... We Celebrate Winter Solstice
  • Deer holding up the moon
  • Old Man Winter in a nature scene
  • Mother Nature, her owl, and the wheel of time
  • Mother Nature and the phases of the moon and sun

Download here! Meshes included.

Please consider donating to my PayPal this holiday season, so that I can afford to take care of my needs such as food, water, pain management items, and medication costs not covered by my government plan. Every bit of your money goes towards helping me and it makes my entire week to even receive a tiny amount.