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Hi! I'm Jeb, also known as 2FW - I'm 25 years old, FTM transgender, Canadian, and use he/they pronouns. I make custom content primarily for The Sims 2, with some minor forays into TS3/TS4 (which are clearly labelled). Here you will find my Terms of Use and other such useful things.

Terms of Use (Updated: April 2020)

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Useful Links

Best In Town - Sa-Sims-Suseo 440 Chair Recolours

So, what's the best seat in town? It's not what you think. It's that deceptively comfortable, worn-out chair you find at bowling alleys, Chinese restaurants, nail salons, and pizza parlours that stay open until 2:30 AM on weeknights. They've been around for 50 or so years and have seen many people come and go from their cushions - and these are some recolours of that ubiquitous chair, made by Sa-Sims-Suseo!

There is a bonus "worn out" red chair because it was needed for an upcoming birthday party scene in my machinima, Openness!

There are three fabric recolours:

And ten non-fabric recolours!

Halloween goodies are on the way, but I forgot to post these (life has been so chaotic, I can barely keep up) and thought you'd all enjoy!

Download here! Mesh included!

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Strut Your Stuff - Rainbow Crosswalk Recolours

August is almost over, but pride week in my city is around now! So, I’ve recoloured nuttydazesublime’s 4t2 conversion of the Chromatic Mosaic with four maxis-match rainbow crosswalks. Find them all under Rugs. They’re 4 tiles wide and 6 tiles long, so are perfect for Maxis roads, Criquette roads, etc.

Small addendum: If you get a weird shadow around one of the crosswalks, or it disappears within a building’s shadow, believe me, I’ve tried to fix it - but it seems to be dependent on what graphics card you have and what settings you’re on. It works for roads, and can be used anywhere, and it’s not obnoxious, it just looks like a small shadow around it but it was enough to annoy the crap out of me.

Also, if anyone wants to fix that, please go ahead!

Download the crosswalks here!

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vroshii Animal Crossing Froggy Chair 4t2

Here is vroshii's Froggy Chair for TS2, converted with (enthusiastic!) permission. If you don't know what Froggy Chair is, well, this is it. It's a chair. It's shaped like a frog. It's an Animal Crossing meme. It works like a dining chair. Your sims sit on it, with their rear end, and I promise they will not perch on it like a frog. I, however, cannot promise they won't immediately beg you for a Switch and a copy of ACNH. That's on you for putting it in your game.

Download here! All credits to vroshii.
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Stompin' Grounds - Provinces & Territories Shirts for Adults

Happy Canada Day 2020! It's that time of year again - July 1st - when we celebrate (or protest) Canada. It's a complicated day, of course - but for your sim tourists needing a souvenir, I have some shirts today, one for each province and territory. Sometimes I liked a women's shirt better, so they get different shirts on some provinces. The Saskatchewan men's one has a bigger logo on the back and a smaller one in front.

Download here! Meshes by MDP and Rented-Space included.

The People's Chair - Oktober-Sims Plastic Chair Recolours

Everyone needs a place to sit, and for most of the world, their place looks exactly like this one. The Monobloc or "People's Chair" is an item that came to prominence in the last quarter of the 20th century and has been tipping people backwards or snapping in half ever since.
So here's Oktober-Sims' conversion of a plastic chair from L4D2 in an array of colours for your sims to sit on, no matter where they're from. (Seriously, you could probably go to the most isolated place on earth and find one of these.)

Download here! Mesh included.

PetaluhSims BLM Graffiti 4t2 on Aikea's Half-Height Wall Writing

I don't have anything to say about these other than BLACK LIVES MATTER and they always have. Even if you aren't black (I'm not) everyone should be screaming from wherever they can that this violence needs to end. If you disagree with BLM, please leave my blog. Don't come back. I don't care.
These are conversions of PetaluhSims' BLM Graffiti for TS4, to TS2, on Yuxi's fixed version (makes it double-sided) of Aikea's Half-Height Wall Writing. What a mouthful! :0

Download here! Mesh included.

Gay Fieri - 4t2 Vallhallansim Pride Shirts for AM & TM by 2FW

So, not much to say about these - my friend requested that I convert them for one of his sims, so I did! The original shirts were for TS4 by Valhallansim, right along here. All I did was convert her textures onto 4t2 shirt meshes by DeeDee and MDP!

There's 11 swatches (12 originally - two were rainbow and seemed to be a duplicate of each other):

  • Gay

  • Lesbian

  • Bisexual

  • Polysexual

  • Pansexual

  • Intersex

  • Transgender

  • Genderfluid/Genderqueer

  • Agender

  • Asexual

  • Aromantic

Download here! Meshes included.
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4t2 Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV

Here is the Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV which was an unlockable item from what I think is a patch? I'm not sure - however, here it is! It's basegame compatible and comes in one colour (black) because who the hell has a white flat screen, EAxis? Is it 2007? TS4's colour options are weird, so you just get black. This may also be because the other two refused to work (despite TSDesignMode being enabled and everything looking kosher under the hood). Who even knows anymore. I'm tired. Have a TV.

It sticks out from the wall a bit, because it's wall-mounted. That's - that's the deal. (I have no idea why the TS2 wall-mounted TV doesn't do this but it's always bothered me. I may fix it to look like this one day.)

It will shift up and down with either this mod or this mod here. Either-or, it's up to you! They both work beautifully.

Here is a size comparison to Maxis' TVs. It's about as big as the AL big-screen TV, but that wouldn't fit in the frame.

Sadly, nothing can help Maxis' terrible picture quality - except, maybe, my own tutorial on how to make HDTV for your sims. Go wild!

Oh, and one last thing. It falls off the wall just like the Maxis TV, when it breaks - animated correctly and everything! I'm proud of myself for that feature.

Download here!

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