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14 October 2019 @ 03:48 am
(Yes, the title is meant to be a pun.)

So, naturally, as all things I do happen to start, this started on a completely unrelated quest... for a new kitchen light. The one in my kitchen is temperamental and 11 years my senior. It was falling apart as any Older Millennial would in this era, and no matter what parts we replaced, it was giving up on the world and a new fluorescent was only cutting it in that it turned on... eventually. Usually 30 minutes after we turned it on. (It's bad 60s wiring on a bad 80s light). On Home Depot's website, my mother was busy rejecting light after light when I saw that they had some really good png's of stuff like garage doors. So, as she went to make a cup of tea and fall asleep on the couch before drinking it all, I decided to remember this for later.

I did. And thus, this CC was born.

What is it useful for? Well, you know when you're building a house using the CFE cheat and the garage door is 50 kinds of fucked up? And the walls beside it are just awful, terrible, etc? What about when you want a garage door on an angled wall, or because your selfsim needs your IRL house and it happens to have a weird garage door placement on a too-narrow wall because real estate prices dictate you live in a tiny condo forever?

Of course, these are just decorative, so no cars can pass through them. That's... I hope, obvious, right? Please don't yell at me, I don't know how to mesh from scratch and animate said mesh and sit through the waking nightmare that is old tutorials with dead image links and software downloads that are long gone.

So, I think this may be useful for those reasons. I can't promise it's 100% Maxis Match or anything but it's not like Maxis' garage doors are any less silly looking.

TL;DR: You get a crapload of fake garage doors - all of them come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Download here! Mesh included. Find it in Deco - Wall Hangings.

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I owe Psychosim probably everything in the world for making these meshes! They're so versatile and I may have made upwards of 500 recolours in the time they've been up. Please give that post some love!

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Sometimes, laundry sauce just ain't enough and you need to add in something else to make your clothing soft and comfy to wear. For some, that's fabric softener! Here are 8 recolours of OhBehave's Fabric Softener mesh for y'all.

You get:
- Comfort Intense Fuchsia Passion
- Gain Original
- Ecover Gardenia & Vanilla
- Downy April Fresh
- Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Refreshing Breeze
- Bio-D Fragrance Free
- No Name Fresh Scent
- Shotz Floral Breeze

The last two are discount brands for anyone who may have a poorer sim!

Download here! Mesh included.

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30 September 2019 @ 08:47 pm

My good friend Nataliefirexx asked nicely this morning if I'd take the 3t2 Monster Mash Beanie by Trapping and make it into a deco object. I was glad to. I have a headcold and had nothing better to do - so in about fifteen minutes, this was born!

Here's two (non-repositoried) versions of the hat. One is identical to what's on a sim's head, and one is laying on the ground and crumpled. It should be basegame compatible and comes in one colour.

Download here! Find in Deco > Misc for $100.

06 September 2019 @ 11:58 pm
Happy birthday to me, and all of the other September 7th birthdays today! I am 24 years old now.

This year has truly been one of ups and downs. I'm excited for what's ahead!
25 August 2019 @ 11:36 pm

I've recently got back into colouring again - which can be hard to do with cats around, but it's really helped me mentally. I've made other colouring things in the past, but these are special in that they're finally on a realistic-sized piece of paper! :D LivingDeadGirl's Flyer mesh, to be exact! I got all of this art from Google Images, searching for completed colouring pages from books I also own such as Enchanted Forest.

You get 15 recolours with various fully-done colouring pages for you to slap on your artistic sim's walls. There are many themes - doors, peacocks, fairytales, D&D, flowers, and animals! I wanted to make the colouring pages as gender neutral as possible but sadly a lot of them are more "feminine" just due to the average target demographic of such books - I may do more in the future, maybe with some of my own art? :O 

Download here! :D Mesh included!

If you'd like, my birthday is a week into September and I'd really love to buy myself a haircut with a psoriasis-friendly business. I'd be forever thankful if someone like you could help me! Thank you for your support!


Most wall recolours these days just have crown and kick moulding that looks wonderful... but such fancy stuff doesn't always ring true to the houses I want to build! My own room only has kick moulding, and most of the rooms I've ever lived in had nothing. So, what gives? Adele made some wonderful Simple Walls years and years ago - and I've loved them ever since! However, they came in a whopping five colours. I'm here to give you 28!

Simple Walls.... for when you just want a coat of paint and can't be fussed to install no fancy wood bits on ya darn walls.

I've made colours in both pastels, darks, and medium tones, as well as neutrals and basics like white, grey, and black. I've tried my best and may add more recolours in the future! If you want even more colours, check out my Pinterest board full of walls and floors that I've made! :D

Download here!

If you'd like, my birthday is a week into September and I'd really love to buy myself a haircut with a psoriasis-friendly business. I'd be forever thankful if someone like you could help me! Thank you for your support!


I love LivingDeadGirl's Flyer mesh soooo much. It's the exact scale of a sheet of A4 printer paper and is generally very versatile - plus, it's not entirely flag against the wall, but is low-poly and high-detail! Win-win-win-win-win! :D

Here are some signs that are inspired by public places. You know, those signs taped to cash registers, community centre doors, and fences the world over. Not too big or professional - just something printed up by management or an organiser or just a person in general who wanted their message heard. (Speaking of amateur graphic design - in one case, I even cracked open some WordArt for an authentic feel!)

The signs read:
  • Waiting Room, Please Be Quiet
  • Please Knock Before Entering
  • Do Not Touch
  • Line Starts Here
  • Sorry, This Event Has Been Cancelled
  • Sign Up Here!
  • Please Use Other Door
  • No Vaping 
  • Bathroom Is Out Of Order
  • NOTICE: Out Of Order, Do Not Use
  • No Mobile Phones
  • No Photography or Filming
  • Please don't let the cat out. No matter what it tells you.
  • Now Hiring! Apply Now!
  • Public Immunization Clinic
  • Get Your Flu Shot Here!
  • Ask Us About Our 65+ Senior's Discount!
  • Please Respect This Area. Keep It Clean! Thank You.
  • Please Remove Your Shoes.
  • NO ENTRY Staff Only Beyond This Point
  • Please Turn Off ALL Phones. Thank You!
  • Important Bake Sale! Helps Raise Money For Field Trips. Support The School! Allergy-Friendly! MON-WED

Download them all here! Mesh by LDG included because T$R.

If you'd like, my birthday is a week into September and I'd really love to buy myself a haircut with a psoriasis-friendly business. I'd be forever thankful if someone like you could help me! Thank you for your support!
06 August 2019 @ 09:44 pm

I originally wasn't going to post these but a friend pestered me. :D

Here are two leftovers from Canada Week - two unisex shirts for children with maple leaf motifs! You get a t-shirt and a sweater, perfect for showing off where your sims went on vacation this summer! Both of these include no writing on them, so they're perfect for you Simlish fans too.

The reason behind the name Schooner is a verse of the children's folk song, Canada In My Pocket.

Download here! Meshes by Amaryll and WeBluePeace included.

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24 July 2019 @ 08:24 pm

Hello! Here are 10 recolours of Yuxi's edit of Aikea's Half-Height Wall Writing that I made for a requester who needed some "horrendously suburban" wall quotes for their next simming project. I hope you like these! Anyone may make a Simlish version if they want!

You get some very stereotypical quotes:
  • Feel Think Love
  • The Best Thing about Memories... Is Making Them
  • Together We Make A Family [Two Styles]
  • Better an oops than a what if.
  • Live Every Moment, Love Beyond Words, Laugh Every Day
  • [Stylised "LOVE"]
  • You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.
  • Please excuse our mess, we're busy making memories
  • [Stylised Arrows]

Download here! Mesh included.

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07 July 2019 @ 11:37 pm
Canada Week has come to a close! Enjoy this final Canadian upload.

Canada is a country of many, many awesome flags - so I've decided to make them all on Anye's Wall Fabric mesh! I know this is useful to maybe 3 people and a goat, but I hope you at least get to appreciate how neat our provinces and territories are. The flag above is the Canadian flag. (Expect to see it on backpacks, sweaters, random mittens, etc in the real world. We're everywhere.)

The next flags are of the most populated "main" provinces. I'm from British Columbia. Gee, couldn't guess the name from that flag, eh? ;D

The next are the Maritimes, or Atlantic Canada, which has awesome architecture, culture, and BADASS FLAGS:

And up next we have the territories - our North - which make up the final three. WHO DIDN'T TELL ME THAT YUKON AND NWT HAD A DOG ON ITS FLAGS? I LOVE DOGS. 

I hope you find some use for these!

Download here! Mesh included.