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Hi! I'm Jeb, also known as 2FW - I'm 24 years old, FTM transgender, Canadian, and use he/they pronouns. I make custom content primarily for The Sims 2, with some minor forays into TS3/TS4 (which are clearly labelled). Here you will find my Terms of Use and other such useful things.

Terms of Use (Updated: April 2020)

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Useful Links

Gay Fieri - 4t2 Vallhallansim Pride Shirts for AM & TM by 2FW

So, not much to say about these - my friend requested that I convert them for one of his sims, so I did! The original shirts were for TS4 by Valhallansim, right along here. All I did was convert her textures onto 4t2 shirt meshes by DeeDee and MDP!

There's 11 swatches (12 originally - two were rainbow and seemed to be a duplicate of each other):

  • Gay

  • Lesbian

  • Bisexual

  • Polysexual

  • Pansexual

  • Intersex

  • Transgender

  • Genderfluid/Genderqueer

  • Agender

  • Asexual

  • Aromantic

Download here! Meshes included.
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4t2 Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV

Here is the Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV which was an unlockable item from what I think is a patch? I'm not sure - however, here it is! It's basegame compatible and comes in one colour (black) because who the hell has a white flat screen, EAxis? Is it 2007? TS4's colour options are weird, so you just get black. This may also be because the other two refused to work (despite TSDesignMode being enabled and everything looking kosher under the hood). Who even knows anymore. I'm tired. Have a TV.

It sticks out from the wall a bit, because it's wall-mounted. That's - that's the deal. (I have no idea why the TS2 wall-mounted TV doesn't do this but it's always bothered me. I may fix it to look like this one day.)

It will shift up and down with either this mod or this mod here. Either-or, it's up to you! They both work beautifully.

Here is a size comparison to Maxis' TVs. It's about as big as the AL big-screen TV, but that wouldn't fit in the frame.

Sadly, nothing can help Maxis' terrible picture quality - except, maybe, my own tutorial on how to make HDTV for your sims. Go wild!

Oh, and one last thing. It falls off the wall just like the Maxis TV, when it breaks - animated correctly and everything! I'm proud of myself for that feature.

Download here!

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Colourbond - Steel Fencing in 10 Colours

I was recently asked on GoS by a user named samclairs if it would be possible for me to make a specific style of fence. Now, I've never made a fence before for TS2, but I said I'd give it a shot - and converted this fence by Leon B. on 3D Warehouse and set to tinkering about with it. What resulted was almost an entirely new mesh!

These fences are meant to stand up to Australia's tough climate, and thus are perfect for all sorts of applications while looking very stylish. I'm sure you'll find a use for it. To retexture, it's quite easy - no fussy mapping. I tried to make it as simple as possible for you.

This fence is around the same poly count as one of the more detailed fences, around 4000 polys and 1000 vertices per tile, but since fences only render when in view (did you know that?) it shouldn't impact gameplay.

This fence is cloned from the basegame cinderblock wall fence and does not support gates or lamps - I don't know why. I can't figure my way around it, but I have a solution! If you simply place a different fence in the gap where you want a gate, it will disappear from sight and only the gate will remain. As for lamps... it's a steel fence, maybe it's not really meant for that. 

Here are all of the colours:

Download here! (Link fixed!)

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Wheels Keep On Turning - 10 DR2 Wheelchair Recolours

I totally forgot to post these. Your sims get sick too, and with the whole world getting sick... hospitals need wheelchairs! A bit of a tip: these chairs are not the kind that you see for regular wheelchair users anymore, but moreso in hospitals, amusement parks, shopping centres, etc - most modern wheelchairs look much different. The original mesh is converted from Dead Rising 2, and came in blue. It's included.

This file works as a dining chair, so no, your sims will not actually get to "use" it as intended - it's for stories! However, these animations of mine may help. 

(The brown chair is what inspired this. Going through old photos, I found a photo of my great-grandmother - whom I never met. She was sitting in a chair just like that one and looked rather beautiful. So I thought, why not make these?)

Download at SimFileShare or Mediafire! Mesh included!

Black Light Burst - 90s Arcade Carpets

This is for the GoS March/April theme, Requires At Least One EP.

Inspired by the Nightlife EP's lack of sense of style, comes some 90s arcade-style carpets (could also be for bowling alleys, laser tag, roller rinks, weird nightclubs, dad's basement, etc ...) for your sims! I originally made these a few months ago but it took this theme's prompts for me to tweak them in order to share!

They do not glow in the dark - but I can confirm that they look great with minimal lighting, as was intended!

More previews:
Download here or on GoS!

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Hardware - Coloured Dental Braces for All Ages

A while ago, I posted some dental braces, but they were only in metal and were attached to teeth which wasn't ideal. I thought it'd be fun to separate them to use on all sorts of teeth, add some colours to them (as is often the case in real life) and so here we are! You get a bunch of colours (plus combos - blue/yellow, red/green, pink/blue and rainbow) for all ages!

They can be found in the blush category, and are multi-layerable with custom teeth and pretty much everything else!
Download here! Find them in the Blush category.
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Heart Fart - 8 Valentines Tees for TF-AF by 2FW

I may be a little bit late - but it's still Valentine's Day in my time zone, so have a gift! It's named after the hearts sims have above their thought bubbles when in love - I didn't come up with it, but it's a funny term nonetheless!

Here are eight Valentines-themed recolours of a t-shirt mesh by Trapping. They're taken from various sources and include four that are "pro-Valentines" and four that are less than excited (including one aromantic tee for a sim of mine!)

Designs include:

  • My Cat is My Valentine

  • (Girl dumping heart in trash bin)

  • Valentine's Day? More like Valentine's Nay

  • World's Okayest Valentine

  • Will You Bean My Valentine (Cat Toe Beans included)

  • Revolving Heart Emoji

  • Yeet (in a Candy Heart)

  • Taken (in an Athletic style font)

Download here! Mesh by Trapping included.

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Beauty in Faith - 4t2 Hijab Recolours for Child-Elder

This is an entry for the GoS Jan/Feb theme, Fashion Is For Everyone!

Happy 2020, everyone! I've had a really terrible month so let's get right into things...

I love taking theme prompts and adding something unexpected, so here's something for "Fashion is for Everyone" - some 4t2 hijab recolours! Hijabi women are often left out or forgotten, so this is for those who wish to see themselves or their loved ones better represented in the game! I remember the disappointment of a hijabi friend of mine in high school when she was trying to make her selfsim and back then, there wasn't an option for her to cover her hair in her signature always-sky-blue. I hope she sees this one day and smiles (I know you still play the game, silly, I saw your Pinterest!).

You get 15 recolours - five neutrals and ten patterns including a wedding-guest lacey pattern, some florals, and more modern patterns like lightbulbs and triangles.

Download here! The mesh by Memento is included.

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xmas, christmas

[TS4] Elfed Up - 18 Xmas Shirts for Teen-Elder (Advent Bonus Round)

YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE. Nope! I have one more gift for you - an addendum to this post. Here's the TS4 version of those!

You get 18 shirts for Teen, Adult, and Elder sims of all genders, for TS4 this time! No, I'm not becoming a TS4 blog, but I enjoy making a few bits of CC for "that other game I play."

These shirts are their own independent swatch and require only the fully-updated base game as far as I know.

Not all of the shirts are previewed, but I promise they're all there!

Download here! Happy 2020!

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