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07 September 2018 @ 01:00 am
15 August 2018 @ 03:32 am

Remember these? It seems like just yesterday that games came in big, chunky boxes - we all have a few! TS2 even came in these. I loved going to the store, and getting a nice box with a nice manual and art you could actually hold in your hands. People love to make videos going through their old collections, so here's a few titles that are favourites of either myself or people I know. (This is not a retro set by any standards, but is more of a "late 2000s-2010s" set.)

This uses a mesh by RetailSims - the EB Sims game box. I've modified it to be thicc. Thank you, RetailSims! :D

You get:

  • Far Cry 5 (Deluxe Edition)

  • Far Cry 3

  • Resident Evil 4

  • Borderlands 2

  • Crysis 2

  • Dark Souls III (Game of the Year Edition)

  • Remember Me

  • Sniper Elite 4

  • Call of Duty 2

  • Fallout 4

  • Dark Souls 3 (Retro Cover, I just liked it tbh)

  • LA Noire

  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Life is Strange

  • Overwatch (Game of the Year Edition)

(I messed up, it's actually Revelations, but, I mean, who cares.)

All of the games come with back covers and spine details. I really went all out for this, and if you use this OMSP set you can absolutely see them! I tried really hard to make each box as accurate as possible without much pixellation, but of course, the textures are not huge - 1024x1024.

Download here! Find them in Electronics - Misc for $60!

Here's a stocking stuffer for y'all!

I couldn't participate this year due to a heatwave that my province has never seen, which hindered my ability to make CC at all. But it's calmed down just enough for me to upload!

It's four very basic tile floors, in four very basic neutral colours that can fit any era or style of gameplay. I really wanted to make something truly universal, as so many people play as Maxis Match or historical, and I don't. This set was heavily inspired by Lina/Trapping when making these, so a big, sweaty thank you to her! Find it in the Tiles section.

Download here or at GoS! Be sure to check out all the other BEAUTIFUL gifts, too!

While you're here, I'm in desperate need of money for the removal of an extra tooth that has appeared between two molars on the bottom right-hand side of my mouth. My family has a history of being born with an absurd amount of extra teeth, and usually they just grow in fine, but this is serious enough to require surgery as it's interrupting the entire back of my mouth. I have no money or coverage as dental is completely paid by the patient in Canada, or an expensive insurance plan that I would never be able to pay. I've already evaded infection once this month with a home remedy, but if you can, please throw some spare change my way. I am saving everything I can right now to afford it. I thought the tooth has decided to stop bothering me, but it's back again and I need to see a dentist that is able to perform the removal of a tooth without damaging the other two or my jawbone, a very expensive and lengthy process. My Paypal is here. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I have been able to get two extra floor fans with your help, which have saved my life during this heatwave.
15 July 2018 @ 02:45 pm

I'm a film photographer. I've always wanted a proper film camera as the default, ever since you had to send your photos off to be developed in Bon Voyage. It made little sense to me that a digital camera's pictures needed to be sent off and processed for a fee, no? Maxis being silly, again, I guess.

Here's NMS' Camera with my retexture as the default camera that sims pull out of their pocket when wanting to take a picture. You can also pose a sim and select for them to take a picture - the camera will appear in their hands. :)

Download here! Requires Bon Voyage.

Thank you to HugeLunatic on GoS for the fix that made this possible!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs and to buy a ceiling fan during this heatwave.
11 July 2018 @ 09:00 am

Hello, again! Today is the companion post to the RSA 13" Portable Television. It's Stanislav's antenna from his TS3 Soviet/USSR television sets, converted to TS2 by Veranka, then separated and made AL shiftable for use with any TV by me! I use an antenna myself (albeit, it's a nav/com receiver from a small plane) to get HD broadcasts for free. UHF is legal and a worldwide technology... but it's not very well-known, despite being broadcast in almost every country for people who want it. It's becoming increasingly popular again in my country what with the high price of television packages, but in many places it's unheard of or very hard to receive due to terrain difficulties.

This antenna's a really useful object, for any era, is what I'm saying! :D I only separated it. It's under 200 polys.

It doesn't make fuzz on your screen. That's just a fun little effect. :)

Download here! Find it in Electronics - Misc for $10.
09 July 2018 @ 09:00 am

Here's the RSA 13-inch Portable/Tabletop Television Set! It's very similar to one my mother owned for her bedside table when I was about five or six. It costs $30 and can be found in Electronics.

The Karaoke machine that came with Nightlife had a really, really cute TV attached to it, to read the lyrics off of! So I mangled the damn thing off of its stand, fixed the screen (which took no less than forever, because the entire mesh was a mirrored one) and am now ready to upload it!

Here it is compared to the Trottco 27" TV:

You can also place it on floors, and it works with the quartertile cheat. Here's some examples of how to use it:

It's cloned from a multi-placeable TV, and can sit on any surface. It's not slaved to anything so you don't need NL.

Download here!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.


So, NMS released a cute clutter set on Black Pearl Sims about eight years ago. It's a really pretty set, and it contained a Pentax ME camera... with no identifying markings and the wrong writing on the lens. As a photographer, this irked me, so I've decided to fix this! I hope that you all enjoy this, it took me way too damn long to fix this.

It's not perfect, because the mapping is absolute dick. I'm not the best at remapping - I took a look and then screamed, so, that didn't change. But, I tried to fix a lot of the stuff that I could. I changed the leather body to a different, nicer texture, as well as changing the colours of the light meter to red and green, adjusting how the film rewind looked (it has a silver rim now!), and the lens grips are slightly changed. The lens front has been changed to a standard 1:2.8 kit lens.

Download here! Mesh included.

26 June 2018 @ 09:15 pm

Today, I bring you some more Pride-related CC! You get some handpainted face paints for all ages and genders! :D

> Rainbow/Gay
> Lesbian
> Bisexual
> Transgender
> Pansexual
> Asexual
> Aromantic

(There's not as many flags this time, as I had to hand-paint these with a crappy $10 Logitech mouse and not a drawing tablet or anything that fancy, and thus it was already giving me hand cramps by number four. Sorry!)

Download here!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.

It's Pride season, folks! In Canada, the entire summer is Pride season because a lot of our stuff is later on in the season! :D So here's some flags to clip to your shirt and fly with pride!

There's many, many flags:
> Rainbow/Gay
> Lesbian
> Bisexual
> Pansexual
> Polysexual
> Transgender
> Agender
> Demigender
> Genderfluid
> Nonbinary
> Demisexual
> Asexual
> Genderqueer
> Aromantic

I hope that you find yours in there! Pride is for everyone and I can't wait to see what you do with these.

Download here! Meshes included.

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.
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24 June 2018 @ 08:46 pm
This is an entry for GoS' June 2018 theme, Baby Baby Baby!

I bring you today... two TS4 Seasons wading pools, converted for TS2!

They are both fully functional thanks to Echo's wading pool code and cloned from Rebecah's version of the wading pool which gives your kids and toddlers some body skill as they play!

Swimming With The Fishies - Cheap Kiddie Pool 4t2

This is the cheaper of the two options! Made of rigid plastic, just fill it up with water and let your toddler (or child!) sim go wild!
Find it for $25 in General - Kids.

It comes in four plain colours (pink, yellow, orange, and red) as well as two koi-themed recolours and something that is totally not a ripoff of Finding Dory.

Download the cheap pool here!

Summer Palms - Expensive Kiddie Pool 4t2

This is similar to one I had in the 90s! This blow-up plastic pool features two palm trees, exciting designs, and a toucan!
Find it for $50 in General - Kids.

It comes in three recolours - island, ocean, and beach-themed.

Download the expensive pool here!

Wonky crap for both:
The thumbnails may make them look more shiny than they are for reasons I can't fix related to the coding.
Children's feet may sink in slightly as they jump, for a fifth of a second.
I translated the names myself, as TSRW is not in English despite TS4 playing in English. Don't ask me. I just mod here.